milkAre you lactose intolerant?
Fresh, lactose-free milk has been sold in the US for years. And now it’s finally available in Israel. Tnuva’s low-lactose 2% milk, packaged in their familiar liter cartons, is now in the dairy case of most stores. It contains only 1 gram of lactose per cup (200 ml), which makes it nearly lactose-free.
Until now, I’ve been buying lactase drops  and treating every liter of milk that we buy. Since I’m extremely intolerant to lactose, I was a little hesitant to try “low-lactose” milk.  But I can drink it with no problem at all. And it tastes normal – not like the low-lactose 3% milk that’s sold here in shelf-stable boxes.
This is a welcome treat for those of us who enjoy drinking and/or cooking with cow’s milk, or don’t particularly enjoy soy, rice or almond milk in our coffee. It’s also another good source of calcium for those of us who might not be getting enough.
By the way, even if you’re lactose intolerant, you may still be able to eat some dairy products, like yogurt and hard cheese. Start by eating just a little. Or try eating dairy products together with non-dairy foods. You’ll have to try different dairy foods in various amounts to know what you can tolerate .
Tnuva lists a number of their dairy foods that are low in lactose. The follow contain no more than 1 gram of lactose per 100 ml/gm:
Diet Yoplait
Yoplait 360 (probiotic drink)
Pirius Bulgarit 5% (hard white cheese)
Emek 9% Cheese
Emek  cheese “fingers”
Shock 20% less sugar (chocolate milk)
Unless a company markets the fact that their products are low in lactose, it’s hard to know if they might agree with you or not. I know, for instance, that I can easily digest Activia yogurt, while other yogurts sometimes cause bloating and discomfort.
If you’ve shied away from dairy because you’re lactose intolerant, this may just be the time for you to try the new low-lactose milk and some of the other low-lactose dairy products now being sold in Israel.

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